Shipping Policy and Rates

BuilderElements ships its products to customers globally with the focus being in North America and Western European countries. We utilize the most advanced software technology to make a vast variety of products searchable with ease, constantly optimize the supply chain processes to obtain the most cost-effectiveness in logistics and shipping in building materials industry, and thus bring the maximum savings to you and our customers.

BuilderElements tracks all shipments from factories to your appointed final delivery address. Our supply chain specialists monitor your shipment through all stages of shipping and are available to assist you with any inquires while your order is in transit.

Shipping Options

BuilderElements provides you different buying options based on your quantity and lead time needs. Depending on the specific product, you may choose either Ship from US Warehouse or Directly ship from Manufacturers.

If you select, ship from US Warehouse, you can choose from the following:

  1. Buy quantity by Units (US Units), we use UPS or AIT worldwide logistics, depending on the best rate available or better service level for the same costs as the shipping method to transport by this option. By default, our automated database system will automatically choose the best rate, best service level, and display it in the order page when you place an order.
  2. Buy Pallets (US Pallets); By default, our automated database system will automatically choose the best rate, best service level, and display it in the order page when you place an order.
  3. Buy Truckload (US Truckload), the shipping cost by US Truckload varies depending on the delivery address greatly, and from time to time, we have some trucking company offering a very special rate which is often not a predictable way method to obtain a final price until we have the offer, thus it is hard to automate this part into the website ordering process. Therefore, to better help you to lower the shipping cost, please tell us your delivery address when you are ready to order, so that we can quote you the shipping cost. The goal is to minimize your total delivered costs by utilizing our best rate in our trucking company network.

If you decide to directly ship from Manufacturers, you can choose the quantity:

  • Buy Pallets (Overseas Pallets).
  • Buy Containers (Overseas Containers).

In either case, you are allowed to buy different products in different categories. will provide the consolidation service to you by consolidating the products from different factories and ship it at one time to you, thus saving you time and money.

Our supply chain optimization system constantly compares shipping rates from overseas by ocean transport and search for the best rate available in our vast shipping vendor list and the shipping rate will be automatically calculated with a display on your order.

Recommendation for building materials of business buyers: Saving big by planning ahead

For business buyers such as developers, builders, architects, designers, construction companies, contractors, property managers of apartments, motels, hotels or business buildings, you can save a significant amount of money by planning ahead and getting the products directly shipped from our selected manufacturers.

With a combination of different products, you have the convenience of "one-stop shopping" at your fingertips, huge shipping cost savings that we pass to you, and enjoy the convenience of ordering different types of products that are ready for your project when the container arrives.

Processes involved shipping products from overseas

As you can imagine, it is quite a complicated process involved, but put it in a simple way:

  1. Consolidation of products coming from different locations
  2. Trucking to seaport
  3. Storing at the terminal if required
  4. Government clearance related
    1. Customs clearance
    2. Product inspection in terms the origin of the country’s quality requirements
    3. Entry/exit Inspection and Quarantine (Fumigation/disinfection certificate is required)
  5. Container loading
  6. Container unloading
  7. Storing in a terminal warehouse, devanning is needed for pallet shipping, meaning unpacking a container, taking these pallets out, and then transport to different destinations
  8. Customs clearance: government bond, duty and product entries are needed to be done before a shipment can be released by customs authorities
  9. Transport products by railroad or truck to destination

While there are multiple items charged by 3rd party logistics companies, government agency (customs bonds, duties and fees), BuilderElements combines these into one simple shipping cost and displays it in the order page. When comparing the shipping cost charges by your other vendors, you only need to compare the total shipping cost; of course, comparing the total delivery cost including the product cost is the simple way to know how much you have saved by buying direct from BuilderElements.

Order Tracking

BuilderElements constantly updates you on your order shipping status. You can also log into Track my orders or My Account to view tracking information on your orders.

Your order shipping status will be shown as follows:

When "Directly ship from overseas manufacturers"
DateProgress StepStatus Description
 1Your order is acknowledged by Factory
 2Your order is under production
 3Production of your order was completed
 4Your product is in-transit and sent to Port of Discharge
 5Your shipment is cleared through Customs in the Country of Origin.
 6Your product is sailing on a container ship and heading for a US port
 7Your product arrives at a US Destination Port.
 8Your product is cleared through US Customs in a US port
 9Your product is transported to the nearest reload Center or to the final Delivery address
 10Product arrives at your appointed final delivery address
When "Ship from US warehouse"
DateProgress StepStatus Description
 1Your order is acknowledged by US manufacturer or our warehouse stuff
 2Your product is ready to ship
 3Your product is shipped; you will be provided a tracking number and website to track shipment, such as UPS or AIT worldwide logistics or other companies?websites.
 4Your product is delivered

Have more questions? Please call 1-888-92-BUILD (1-888-922-8453) or email us at, we will answer your questions or inquires within 24 hours.

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