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Testimonials from our Brand Ambassadors

Contractor, Alex S., Santa Barbara, CA.

When I do work, customers ask for business cards or websites for different building materials that I can recommend, and I pass on Builder Elements’ website/ business card. They shop around and get a 2% discount on good quality building materials, that are lower than the market price. My customers are happy, and I get a check as scheduled. See more...
What is the referral program about ?Apply NOW!
  • Our brand ambassador program provides a unique opportunity to make money online, or so called making money at home. This commission generating referral program is a great fit for bloggers making money online by blogging, independent sales contractors, independent manufacturers representatives, manufacturing representatives in the remodeling or home improvement industries to make commission with ease.

    Our system is easy for you to track the commissions you earn, whenever your customers make a purchase on our website. All the commission is displayed after you log into your account.
  • You will be assigned a Unique Referral Code that you pass to your referrals, when your referrals place an order, they will enter your referral ID, so our system will automatically know they are coming through you. When the customer enters your referral ID, we will offer a 2% extra discount to them. This extra 2% discount is the incentive we provide to your referrals, so that they will not forget to enter your referral ID.
    Simple? Indeed.
What? I can get commission for a lifetime ? Apply NOW!
  • If the customer you refer to us is a repeat buyer, you can earn repeated commission because they are tied to your Unique Referral Code.
  • Yes! It is a Lifetime cash generating machine for you! Starting from one customer, you can build a huge customer base, thus getting commission again and again for a lifetime !
    Simple? Indeed.
Who can/should join the referral program? Are there great potentials to make money ?Apply NOW!
  • Builder Elements website provides a well-organized platform of building products and home improvement materials. BuilderElements.com is organized by category, presenting product photos, specifications, installation instruction and quality certifications in a way that is easy to navigate on the web.
  • It is ideal for the following professionals/ individuals, or anyone wanting to start selling the hundreds of products on our website to the contractors, builders, construction companies, designers and architects, retailers and friends you know:
    • Sales/ Manufacturer Representatives
      Tips: Our products can be your complimentary product lines. For example, when you recommend your existing product lines to your customers, you can also recommend our product lines which you do not carry – You are selling to the same customers without extra efforts!
    • Contractors/ Electricians/ Plumbers
      Tips: Always save money by buying from us. When your budget is fixed, your saving is your net profit. If your customers want to buy materials themselves, then get the commission from us and your customers also get a 2% extra discount! Why not? It is win-win situation.
    • Bloggers/ Writers for Home Improvement-related businesses, etc.
      Tips: Promote our website in your blog or articles with your Unique Referral Code, since people will get extra 2% discount when entering your Unique Referral Code, they won’t forget. When they enter your Unique Referral Code, your commissions earned will automatically show up under your account.
      For example: After your professional blog or article, at the bottom, you can write something like “Please enter my referral code: JohnG0956 (just an example of your Unique Referral Code) when you buy from www.BuilderElements.com during the check out process, you will get extra 2% discount when you enter this code.
    • Interior Designers/Architects
      Tips: By recommending our website to your clients, you can help your clients to save money on a great variety of products. With your Unique Referral Code, they can get 2% extra saving.
    • Work at home persons/ professional
      Tips: If you have a computer and can write in English, you can certainly work at home to make commissions by referring our website to people you know. If you go to a party, you can also pass our business card with your Unique Referral Code to people.
      You are making money but you are also helping them to buy great remodeling products and save money!

    Simple? Indeed.
What kind of reward/commission I can make ?Apply NOW!
  • You will spend a minimum effort with a generous reward:
  • Earn commission of TOTAL sales starting from 4% and up to 10%. Builder Elements offers aggressive commission rates from 4% to 10% based on the total net sales amount.*
    Simple? Indeed.
How does it work?[ Learn More ]Apply NOW!
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What happens after you become our Brand Ambassador?Apply NOW!
What happens after you become our Brand Ambassador

Word of Mouth: Phone & Email your friends

Let your friends know our website and products, that is! You do NOT need to do the tedious customer support job, our customer support team will handle it.

Social Media: Facebook, Blog, Twitter, Pinterest, Houzz, LinkedIn, Google+

A typical introduction will look like the followings, which you can copy and paste to your email and postings to your social media platforms.

I have come across a professional website, www.BuilderElements.com, selling quality kitchen cabinets, glass mosaic tiles, mother of pearl tiles, faucets, stainless steel sinks, sink accessories at unbeatable pricings…

To follow up the promotion and new products introduction from BuilderElements.com, please connect with then via:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HomeElements
Blog: http://www.BuilderElements.blogspot.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/BuilderElements
Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/builderelements
Houzz Profile: http://www.houzz.com/pro/builderelements

Enter my Unique Referral Code: JohnG0956 (just an example of your Unique Referral Code) to get extra 2% discount.

Take a look at the great website NOW: www.BuilderElements.com

Brand Ambassador's FAQApply NOW!
  • A:

    It is absolutely FREE to apply to become our Brand Ambassador and earn commissions right away! However, we may contact you for a brief interview before we can approve your application and assign you a Brand Ambassador Referral Code which you can give to the potential buyer.

  • A:

    The commission percentage starts from 4% right after you are approved to be our Brand Ambassador. Depending on your performance, your commission rate may be increased to up to 10%.

    We review your performance periodically and will notify you when you are qualified to a higher commission rate. Usually, following every 5 customer referrals by you, your commission rate will be up by 1%. Easy.

  • A:

    Click and open the “Brand Ambassador Commission Program” link on the bottom of the home page, you can use your Brand Ambassador Referral Code, your last name and password (you choose a password for yourself when you apply for a Brand Ambassador account) to log into your account, and you can see detail sales and commission reports.

  • A:

    We will cut a check to you within 2 weeks after we finalize a transaction from the customer through you.

  • A:

    Simply email us via ContactUs@BuilderElements.com, if you have any problems logging into your account. We will respond within 24 hours.

  • A:

    Yes. If you are a professional building materials Brand Ambassador, we encourage you to sell our products complimentary to your current product line, for example, if you are selling porcelain tile, you can cross sell our glass mosaic tiles; if you are selling wooden floors, then consider selling our kitchen cabinets and/or bathroom products.

    Our performance ranking system highly values repeated customers; as a current Sales Professional, you are more likely to bring repeated customers and we will add more weight to your performance and you may qualify for a 10% commission of total net sales very quickly.

  • A:

    For a Brand Ambassador in the building and home improvement materials industry, the advantages are the following, but not limited to:

    1. 1.
      Help you to present building products with ease. Presentation of building materials to customers has always been very difficult due to a lot of specification, drawings, and of course, the heavy weight and big sizes of most building materials. Therefore, the well-organized information of products online makes it easy for you to present them to any potential customers.

    2. 2.
      Save time in quoting prices back and forth between you and your potential customers. BuilderElements.com provides the ultimate best pricing for similar products that no one else can match. Due to the confidence in our competitiveness of pricing, we make it transparent so you do not even spend time emailing or faxing a long list of pricing to customers back and forth. On the other hand, we share profits with you generously (10% is easily achieved for professional sales if you keep bringing repeated buyers!) so you will get the best return on your time and efforts spent when you comparing selling other companies' products. With us, you are able to make an offer that any potential buyer can not refuse!

    3. 3.
      We are constantly and consistently adding building products to www.BuilderElements.com. Our goal is to make it the most comprehensive and biggest online selling platform for building and home improvement products. When partnering with us, a whole new opportunity window opens to you!

    4. 4.
      Flexibility and life balance. You have total control on your own schedule and time and no need to report to any bosses. Actually, you become our partner and you are truly your own boss.

  • A:

    BuilderElements will give a 2% extra discount to your referral when they enter your “Unique Referral Code”, which is incentive to ensure the customer will enter your “Unique Referral Code”. If the referral did not enter your Unique Referral Code, they will not get any extra discount.

    Of course, as a Brand Ambassador, maintaining your relationship with the customers and keeping the customers informed of our newly added products and what they can benefit from working with Builder Elements is another way to retain the customers.

  • A:

    Yes. We will mail you a 1099 for your tax purpose.

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