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BuilderElements Cabinetry hereby warrants that all cabinets sold by BuilderElements Cabinetry are free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of life time from the date of purchase. This warranty is expressly limited to repair or replacement of the defective part at the discretion of BuilderElements Cabinetry, and does not include labor for removal or replacement. This warranty only applies to the original consumer purchaser and is not transferable to subsequent owners. This warranty does not extend to defects caused by improper handling, storage, installation, assembly or disassembly, damages, product modifications, exposure to the elements including humidity and heat which may result in damaging the cabinets, misuse, abuse or negligence. Natural wood may vary in texture, color and wood grain, and exhibit subtle changes as they age. Sunlight, smoke, moisture, household cleaners and other environmental conditions may cause materials to vary from their original color and/or to warp, split or crack. These variations are considered to be the nature of the material in relation to its environmental exposure and not covered under this warranty.

BuilderElements Cabinetry periodically updates and makes changes to its product line and specifications. If a warranty claim is filed against obsolete or changed product, BuilderElements will replace the part(s) under warranty with a new part of the same style or with a similar style currently offered.

BuilderElements Cabinetry cannot be held responsible for replacement product that may not exactly match installed product.


BuilderElements Cabinetry makes no other warranties other than those set forth herein and all other warranties are hereby disclaimed. In no event shall BuilderElements Cabinetry be liable for incidental or consequential damages to the homeowner or to any third party, including, without limitation, damages arising from personal injury, lost profits, loss of business opportunity, loss of property, economic losses, or statutory or exemplary damages, whether from negligence, warranty, strict liability or otherwise.

To submit a warranty claim, the original consumer purchaser must contact the BuilderElements Cabinetry dealer or reseller where the product was purchased. A copy of the original dated sales receipt must be presented as proof of purchase. The BuilderElements Cabinetry dealer or reseller will contact the BuilderElements Cabinetry sales representative who will inspect the product and submit the findings to BuilderElements Cabinetry for response.

Worry-Free shipping & return process: will accept any damaged items.

Please, take a look at our policy for kitchen and/or vanity cabinets, once your cabinets arrives, please follow the following return and shipping policy. We take our responsibility seriously thus trying to make it as clear as possible under different situations:

Situation 1: Cabinets arrived damaged:

  1. Inspect and report any damage to the freight driver, the receiver (customer) must note the damages with the freight driver. Important step: Get a copy of the paperwork from the freight driver as a proof of evidence (you can also take a photo of the diver’s paperwork using your Smartphone). It is a must to take some photos of the material damaged at this point, as part of evidence.

    Pleas call our toll free number or email us at with photo evidence (a copy of the paperwork from the fright driver and damage photos) right away.

  2. If the customer detects other damage after the freight truck driver left, the customer have 3 (three) days to do a full inspection, if there is any damage found, Pleas call our toll free number or email us at with photo evidence right away.

    Upon we receive your photo evidences, will start the return process right away and ship the new exchange cabinets to the customer. Again, photos as evidence are part of this process and MUST be sent to us for claim purpose.

    When we receive the damage photos, we will ship new replacement cabinets within 3 business days, usually within 24 hours to you! Meaning we will take good care of you immediately before we can even file the claim with freight companies and possibly we will not get the reimbursement from the freight companies. will take care of our customer first before anything else as long as the damage photo evidences are presented. will NOT ask you to deal with the freight company for damage claim and go through all the hassles. We will take good care of you, and we deal with the damage claim between Freight Company and

    However, without damage photo evidences, we can NOT process the claim and will NOT send out the new replacement cabinets. appreciate the cooperation from our kitchen & vanity cabinet customers.

  3. The customer will be expected to keep the cabinets until any shipping claim is complete, because sometimes a shipper may request to inspect the cabinet. take good care of our customer first even before the damage claim processes started, however, we do need your help to complete the claim process so that we can get reimbursement for our loss. Keeping the damage cabinets for inspection is a requirement from freight company. We will notify you when the claim is complete and inform you how to deal with the damage cabinets which you already get the new replacement cabinets.

  4. After 3 (three) days, if no damage reported, it is considered to be accepted by customer and no further claim is accepted by freight company thus we can not accept claim either.

Situation 2: Cabinets arrived with factory defects:

  1. If customer receives a cabinet/part is believed to be factory defect, inform us ASAP and forward pictures so we can review and determine if it is indeed factory defect. Please be sure that your customer does NOT assemble any cabinets they believe have factory defects until we have reviewed and get back to you for further instruction.

  2. After we review the photos you sent and determined it is factory defect, we will ship the replacement to you immediately and also notify how you will deal with the defect cabinets, which is so rare that we did not receive any report for factory defect during the past 3 years after shipping thousands kitchens of cabinets.

Situation 3: I ordered the wrong color/size cabinets or I just change my mind for what color/sizes I want:

  1. If customer orders the wrong color/size and needs to return, you will need to notify us first for authorization. Please email the request to with 8 days!

  2. Since it is no fault from our end, any returns due to customer’s changing mind or made a mistake when ordering, a 30% restocking fee needs to be charged. We will refund the rest to your account. Again, the return has to be made within 8 days, anything over 8 days is typically not returnable so let us know ASAP.

  3. Since it is no fault from our end, customer will need to cover/handle return shipping cost. After items are returned and inspected by the warehouse, and the cabinets are in good and resalable condition, a credit after the 30% restocking fee will be issued to your account.

    If you want to choose other color/sizes cabinets, you can place a new order and let us know so that we can use the credit toward your new order instead of refund to your account; if you place a new order, we will only charge 20% restocking fee instead of 30%.

    Please understand that it takes a lot of efforts to pack and ship kitchen and vanity cabinets, so when returning, we double even triple the efforts and the handling costs which including examining the cabinets carefully, unpacking, and restore it back to the shelf.

    Our kitchen designer provides free design service with detailed consultation during your kitchen design and selection process, so please take advantage of it and make no mistakes in the kitchen selection processes!

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