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BuilderElements Kitchen City partners with prestigious kitchen and vanity cabinetry manufacturers and directly ship cabinets from them to end users, thus providing the most cost-effective but highest quality cabinetry for kitchen and bath.

We commit to provide the best value to our cabinetry customers. In stead of talking the talk, we walk the walk by illustrating from the following aspects to show why and how our cabinetry is in premium quality while proving the best pricing:



Selecting the Best Real Wood for our Cabinetry

Firstly, we are selecting and using one of the best wood, Maple wood, which is one of the commonly used woods in the US. Maple wood is also fine hard woods well suited to cabinetry.

The Beauty of Real Wood Cabinetry

Maple is a strong, fine-grained wood that is mainly off-white in color, although it may contain light hues of yellow-brown or pink. It may also contain natural imperfections which add character and uniqueness to the wood. Please see the beauty of the uniqueness and characters of maple as below:

Maple Wood Characteristics:

arce, burl grain, open knots, bird's eye, mineral streaks, heartwood

BuilderElements Kitchen City works with our cabinetry manufacturer together to deliver our finest furniture finishes. Our kitchen cabinets are made to fulfill with the best quality in the market of kitchen cabinets industry. The process of selecting the best materials and handmade finishes work used to produce our finest furniture ensure the quality and beauty of our products.

Detail-oriented Workmanship and Delicate Techniques to Make the Finest Finishes

Below is the step by step process of production showing how we make the finest finishes for our kitchen and vanity cabinets: encourage you to have in your hands a sample of our kitchen cabinets by placing an order for a door sample, we do believe once you have this beautiful piece of material in your hands, you will have the right style and color you have had chosen continue with the process of select the right kitchen cabinets for project.

  1. The finest maple wood is sanded until smooth and vacuumed.
  2. An equalizer stain is applied to balance the base color of the wood.
  3. A toner is then applied to establish color uniformity.
  4. A deep penetrating stain is then applied to reveal the hidden beauty of the natural grain.
  5. All stained surfaces are the hand-rubbed and wiped of excess stain, and the slowly air-dried.
  6. A wood sealer is then applied, penetrating all exposed wood surfaces for uniform protection.
  7. All surfaces are then hand-sanded, providing a smooth, consistent surface.
  8. A glaze is applied by hand ( if applicable ).
  9. A color consistency examination is performed with additional touch-up if needed.
  10. A final protective top coat is applied, maximizing resistance to scuffing, moisture, fading and most household chemicals.
  11. The Finest Furniture Finishes


What 10'x10' Kitchen with 14 Cabinets Means?

10'x10' kitchen with 14 cabinets

Door Superior Construction

  1. Full overlay door panel, 3/4" thick door panel;
  2. 4 to 6-way adjustable European hidden metal hinges;
  3. Adjustable, 3/4 shelf, 5/8" thick cabinet-grade plywood, metal shelf rests;
  4. Dovetall drawer, 1/2" thick solid wood sides;
  5. Full extension, under-mounted, soft-close, steel concealed drawer glides;
  6. 1/2" thick cabinet grade plywood box;
  7. Metal bracket reinforcements for base cabinets.

Our superior construction shows important detail of our kitchen cabinets, details that are important to make a decision and select our RTA (Ready to Assembly) kitchen cabinets. Here is an example of kitchen cabinets after the assembled process:

Cinnamon Maple Glaze


You can see through these real photos the way our kitchen cabinets look and the way they are assembled during the process shown in videos as well as the tool used.

We do add value to this important project offering the following DIY step by step in the section “GETTING STARTED” where you can follow the steps and required measurement in order to have a kitchen layout and the list of cabinets for your kitchen project.

In addition, we offers free 3D design; using the experience and knowledge of a kitchen designer by contacting one of our kitchen designers you will ensure your kitchen project has the right kitchen cabinets as well as a proposal of a new kitchen design. We have the technology to help you to track your project design process, the communications and files you submitted to our and our designer’s design files to you, all keeping at one single place in your login – besides premium cabinetry provided, we provide the best online and documentation management technology to make your kitchen and vanity cabinet project an easy task. Check out free 3D Kitchen Design now!

BuilderElements Kitchen City is a factory direct source for prestigious and high-quality kitchen and vanity cabinetry manufacturers. We are proud to supply a higher quality cabinets for kitchen and bath with a lower cost than all competition!

Our premium kitchen and vanity cabinets collections have the following great features that many of them are only applied as optional features for even high end kitchen and bath vanity cabinetry brands such as KraftMaid, Home Depot and Lowes. Please see the standard features for our cabinets:

  • Door: Maple Solid Wood, Full Overlay Door Style
  • Glides: Soft-Closing Concealed Undermount Glide
  • Hinges: Euro 6 way Adjustable Plywood Shelves
  • Drawers: Full Extension Solid Wood Dovetail Drawers
  • Shelves: 5/8” Thick Adjustable Plywood Shelves (NO particle board!)
  • Box: Cabinet Grade Plywood Box (NO particle board!)
  • Soft-Closing Door Upgrade Available
Drawer is a great feature?

What is Dovetail Drawer? Why Dovetail

A dovetail joint or simply dovetail is a joint technique most commonly used in woodworking joinery including furniture, cabinets, log buildings and traditional timber framing. Noted for its resistance to being pulled apart (tensile strength), the dovetail joint is commonly used to join the sides of a drawer to the front. A series of pins cut to extend from the end of one board interlock with a series of tails cut into the end of another board. The pins and tails have a trapezoidal shape. Once glued, a wooden dovetail joint requires no mechanical fasteners.

The dovetail joint probably pre-dates written history. Some of the earliest known examples of the dovetail joint are infurniture entombed with mummies dating from First Dynasty of ancient Egypt, as well the tombs of Chinese emperors. The dovetail design is an important method of distinguishing various periods of furniture.

The dovetail joint is very strong because of the way the ‘tails’ and ‘pins’ are shaped. This makes it difficult to pull the joint apart and virtually impossible when glue is added. This type of joint is used in box constructions such as drawers, jewellery boxes, cabinets and other pieces of furniture where strength is required. It is a difficult joint which requires practice. There are different types of dovetail joint and when cut accurately they are very impressive and attractive. The joint is strong especially when used with a good quality glue such as PVA (woodworkers adhesive) or cascamite. The marking out and cutting procedure is outlined below.

The angle of slope varies according to the wood used. Typically the slope is 1:6 for softwoods and a shallower 1:8 slope forhardwoods. Often a slope of 1:7 is used as a compromise. [source: Wikipedia]

For apple to apple comparison, please take a look at the following chart where we compared our kitchen cabinets versus other cabinetry retail brands and companies:

kitchen cabinets brand reputation, product quality, service NO. 1
Features BuilderElements logo
HomeDepot logo
Home Depot
Lowe's logo
Kraftmaid logo
All Plywood Box Construction Standard Optional** Optional** Optional**
Wood Dovetail Drawer Standard Optional** Optional** Optional**
Undermount Drawer Glides Standard Optional** Optional** Optional**
Self Closing Drawer Glides Standard Optional** Optional** Optional**
Stained to Match Interiors Standard Optional** Optional** Optional**
Concealed Door Hinges Standard Optional** Optional** Optional**
5/8" & 3/4" Shelves Standard Optional Optional Optional
Solid Hardwood Face Frame Standard Some Some Some
Cabinets in Stock Yes Some
(Limited, Particle Board)
(Limited, Particle Board)

*Stained to Match Interior: Only on Wall Glass Cabinets

**Not available in standard lines, optional only in premier Lines as an upgrade which means YOU PAY MORE

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