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Measure your space

Accurate measurements are essential to planning your kitchen. With these measurements your designer will be able to help you create your dream kitchen.

Please, take a look at the following example in order to provide the information related to your actual kitchen.

kitchen design ceiling

How to measure ceiling:Inches
Ceiling height (diagram A)
Soffit height (diagram B)
Wall cabinet height (diagram C)

Floor plan

Using the measuring procedure illustrated, carefully prepare a simple floor plan of your existing kitchen. Your completed floor plan should resemble the diagram shown. Make sure you show the exact locations of doors, windows, range hood vents, gas lines, water lines, drains, outlets, light fixtures and vents. Double check all measurements.

Measuring procedure

Using a tape measure and graph paper, measure as outlined.

The following example shows how to measure Wall A and Wall B, as well as, electric outlet, gas line, water lines and drain.

kitchen design sample layout

Horizontal Measurement

  1. Measure from wall to wall at 36'' height
  2. Measure from corner to window or door opening
  3. Measure across opening from trim edge to trim edge
  4. Measure from edge of trim to far wall. Compare sum of #2, #3 and #4 measurements to step #1
  5. Mark exact locations of water line, drain, gas line and electrical outlets/switches on drawing
  6. Measure from wall to wall above window and compare to #1

Vertical Measurement

  1. Measure from floor to window sill
  2. Measure from window sill to top of window
  3. Measure from top of window to ceiling
  4. Measure from floor to ceiling. Compare to sum of #7, #8 and #9

kitchen planning measurement sample layout

For Wall A and Wall B, your hand draft will be looking like below. When you submit your hand draft drawing to our kitchen designer, it will be transformed into a 20/20 design drawing in the next section.

kitchen planning measurement sample layout Wall A and Wall B

Wall A, made by 20/20 kitchen design software by our kitchen designer. The next image illustrate details about location of water lines, drain, electric outlet, window size and height.

kitchen design review content

Wall B, made by 20/20 kitchen design software by our kitchen designer. The next image illustrate position of gas line and electric outlet.

kitchen design review content

Appliance/fixture Information

Show desired location of appliances on drawing. It is very important to indicate natural gas locations, 120 volts outlets and wall mounted telephone locations (T) and cable TV outlet location (CTV).

TypeSize (W x H x D)Hinge Position (L/R)
Trash compactor

Kitchen Design and 3D Render

This is an example of how it looks a kitchen design using the 20-20 Design Software. We provide the service of kitchen design to all our customers in order to have the right kitchen cabinets and material you need for your kitchen. Just simple, give us a call and we will help you through the process of selecting the right kitchen cabinets.

kitchen design render

Render Image

Using the 20-20 Design Software we help you to design and delivery the best kitchen design.

The cost of the kitchen layout (shown below) and/or the list of kitchen cabinets is $150.00 Dollars. We will refund your money or use it as credit when you place a full size order of kitchen cabinets, therefore you will actually get our 3D kitchen design for free from one of our experienced kitchen designers.

kitchen design software

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