What is Home Elements Showroom Dealer Internet Program?

BuilderElements.com is an online dealer for Home Elements glass mosaic tile products

Headquartered in the Silicon Valley, Home Elements is an importer of glass mosaic tile, metal mosaic tile, glass and stone blend, and mother of pearl tile. With its own manufacturing facilities in China, and design center in California, Home Elements supplies mosaic tile product directly all over the global.

Launched in 2015, the Home Elements showroom dealer program provides the benefits to showroom owners to combine the sales power of internet with their showroom presence.

Benefits you get when becoming our glass mosaic tile showroom dealer.

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1. FREE online Marketing to you!

What we are doing for marketing:

a. We are doing advertising with design magazines, both in print and on internet;

b. We paid the two major search engines: Google Adwords, Bing, with thousands of dollars to buy their clicks to attract traffic to our website;

c. We send tens of thousands of promotional emails to home owners to attract them to our website;

d. Our marketing team starts launching campaigns on all the major social media, facebook, google+, google places, twitter, Houzz, craigslist, blogger, news broadcasting, and more.

We will work so hard to bring traffic to our website. When your local customer comes to our website, they can come to our “Store Locator”, when they enter their zip code and address, they will find you! When they visit your showroom, they do not necessarily buy our glass mosaic tile products but rather other stuff.

Furthermore, we can display a detailed description of your store for what you are carrying, store promotional info, and up to 10 photos of your other products photos, so that people know what you are carrying. With all your product keywords and photos, our website will capture your potential customers’ eyes, and our website traffic will convert into your store foot traffic and they will know exactly what they are coming for.

You will get all the foot traffic to your showroom for FREE!

2. FREE glass mosaic tile display samples and Rack ($1300 value)!

Our display rack is 8’ height, 2x2’ width with 8 faces, which can hold 69 SKUs for our constantly stocking products. Most mosaic tile samples are full size sample (12x12”), so you can tell only our samples are worth more than $800 at cost, not to mention the work that put them on the display board.

Most likely, you need to pay for $500-1000 for mosaic tile display samples and rack from other glass mosaic tile wholesalers in order to become a showroom dealer. Our glass mosaic tile samples and display rack are for FREE to you!

You only need to pay for the shipping at costs from our glass mosaic tile California warehouse to your showroom. With the display rack, you can always come to our website to find out our new mosaic tile products and request new samples! So you always have new products to display and sell at your showroom!

Only a deposit of $399 is required! If you are not 100% satisfied with our products and the cooperation with us, you can cancel it at anytime. No Contract. No Risk! 100% Satisfaction guarantee.

3. Constantly in stock and quick delivery.

All the 69 SKUs on the display rack will in the stock all the time in our San Diego warehouse, ensuring that when your customer places an order, the product will reach you or directly drop ship to your customer’s home or appointed address, using your company’s shipping label, within 2-5 days within the continental states.

So you see all the extra benefits for doing business with us? It is truly win-win and our business models will bring the maximized benefits to both of our companies and we will grow together!

What are you waiting for?

Apply our program now!

Send us an email to ContactUs@BuilderElements.com with subject: Home Elements Showroom Dealer Program.


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