Mother of Pearl Tile

Mother of Pearl Tile

Made of natural pearl shell, our Mesh Mounted Mother of Pearl Mosaic Tiles can be used in almost all the places you may imagine. You can use them on the wall, floor, kitchen backsplash, bathroom, table top, Learn More

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All the seashell tiles are high quality made by highly selected shell tile manufacturers. Our pearl mosaic tiles used to be only used in extremely high end houses, fancy restaurants, luxury private club houses and 5-star hotels. With the great demand from the general public, we managed to lower the mother of pearl tiles manufacturing costs and now you can get your pearl mosaic tile at wholesale price from

Mother of pearl tiles are suitable for both outdoors and indoors like floors, hotel or restaurant or corporate receptionist desk background walls, spa, kitchens and bathrooms with different mosaic tile pattern to match. Our seashell Tiles have been installed in a 5-star hotel, using more than 500,000 square feet for all the hotel walls recently. In addition, our mothers of pearl tiles are used in some high-profile casino projects specified by some high-profiled architects.

In addition to large project, shell tiles, as one of the hottest decorative building materials, it can be used just as a seashell tile mural or some small areas in your kitchen backsplash, bathroom wall, or about your TV set. The unique, natural iridescence will surely lighten your home. - About Mother of Pearl Tile

How To Design with Mother of Pearl Tiles

How to create a gorgeous mosaic tiles design for the kitchen and bathroom, using these decorative Mother of Pearl wall tiles.
Mother of pearl tiles are seashells with a glossy interior, and the tiles they create are not only iridescent and sparkly, but they are ideal for a mirror frame in your bathroom or as an accent in your kitchen.
Homeowners and designers that are doing a project on a formal bathroom or kitchen backsplash design may want a tile that has a lot of depth and is vibrantly colored; however may feel that glass tiles are too informal or modern for their area. Mother of pearl tiles is an ideal accent for a bathroom or kitchen design.

Mother of Pearl Tiles: What are they?

Mother of Pearl tiles were created by tile artisans who eliminate the lining that is on the inside of different colored seashells. The inner lining can either be dyed in a vibrant shade or left as its original color. The seashell pieces are sliced into tiny pieces of rectangle or square shapes, and then glued onto an unglazed ceramic tile.
Mother of Pearl Tiles range from 1” to 4” tile accents, with 2” x 8” liners, pencil moldings and even light switch covers. The effect is iridescent tiles that shimmer, and have a glamorous look of glass. The appearance is unique and formal. The Mother of Pearl Tiles are assembled by tile artisans that lay the tile into various color patterns and tile designs. The tile design can be that of a simple square, spiral, checkerboard or even a herringbone.
Mother of Pearl Tile accent tiles should be used in dry applications. They should not be used in any areas that are prevalent to moisture or steam or a wet area, as the glue will loosen and the shell will ultimately peel away.
For a bathroom tile design, they are perfect as a medicine cabinet frame or as a bathroom mirror. A frameless mirror or recessed medicine cabinet can be installed on top of a wall that is clean and dry. Use 2” tiles, pencil moldings and liners to make a unique tile frame decoration. Finish off the edges with a pencil molding that is ½ “ x 8”.
For an eclectic tile design, differ patterns of inlay, while using varied colored 2” accent mother of pearl tiles. The effect will be light- and eye-catching. Liners can combine with ceramic tiles or natural stones, which can be an attractive border.
To create a unique kitchen backsplash design, 2” decorative mother of pearl tiles can be cut into accents with a bigger field tile. The field tile can be set as an ornamental pattern and cut into 2” tiles for every four tiles, through the center of the kitchen backsplash.
To complete the tile design, use the liners as a frame around the cook top area. Set the field tiles into the frame and cut the tiles on the diagonal. To create a subtle effect , space out the accent tiles so five are being used; two on the top corners, two on the bottom corners and one in the middle. The effect will have more movement than glass tile.
Mother of Pearl tiles come in a variety of patterns, styles and colors. They can be used as an accent for a kitchen or bathroom tile design for decoration and color. To further highlight their beauty, they can be paired along with ceramic matte wall tiles.
When designing with Mother of Pearl tiles, you are able to see your unique dream kitchen or bathroom design come to life!

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Building Materials Profile Overview - Builder Elements

Glass mosaic tile, stainless steel tile, sink, vanity cabinets, kitchen cabinets, clay masonry brick and more

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Mosaic tile made by Home Elements brand, which has the biggest selection of mosaic tiles. If you are looking for crystal glass tile,you can buy crystal glass tile online for the best quality and price with free shipping. If you are looking for vitreous glass mosaic tile, look no further than vitreous glass mosaic tile online, if you are looking to buy stone glass tile, buy it online stone glass tile . More glass mosaic tile subcategories are Iridescent Glass Tile, Metallic Glass Tile, stained Glass Tile, Italian Porcelain Tile, Penny and Hex Porcelain Tile, Metal tile Stainless Steel Tile, stone mosaic tile, glass pebble tile, With advanced technology, mosaic tile, as environment-friendly building materials with more than 3000 year history, has been recapturing the hearts of architects and designers. Using new manufacturing technologies there seems that anything is possible in terms of colors, sizes, styles as well as the materials used in the glass mosaic tile itself. Glass mosaic tiles have a broad spectrum of applications to its impervious nature: bathrooms, swimming pools, spas, kitchen backsplash, background wall and exterior facades, night clubs and more.

Floor Tile. Home Elements made a variety of flooring tiles including wooden floor tiles, engineered wooden floors and Porcelain Tile, Quartz Tile, Engineered Granite and Marble , Granite Tile, Marble Tile. With technological advancement, with computerized controlling high temperature kiln, porcelain floor tiles can form any shape, any colors, pattern and texture. Some so called ?a href="floor-tile/porcelain-tile.html">wood vein porcelain floor tile?can be made look like just wood floor with vivid wood vein in the porcelain and ceramic tiles, some porcelain tile can even be made look just like cloth.

The engineered solid wood floor overcomes the contraction and expansion issue that the traditional wood floors have, with hand scraped finish to create any pattern and atmosphere for any spaces.

Swimming Pool Tile. Home Elements manufactures the swimming pool tile that has been used in tens of thousands of pool projects. Pool tiles series include Classic Pool Tile, Crystallized Porcelain Tile.

As a manufacturer, Home Elements can custom make the tile with all kind of artistic design including fish, whale, dolphin with the varieties of colors and patterns by the pool tile.

Please send any design to us and we can make not only the regular pool tiles but custom make your pool tiles with any design specified by your swimming pool designers or architects.

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Stainless Steel Sink. Builder Elements provides stainless steel sinks as kitchen sinks for your kitchen cabinets remodeling or new kitchen projects.

All our stainless steel sinks are made of high quality 304 stainless steel, while 302 stainless steel can be done when requested at a much lower price. When selecting your stainless steel sink, please be aware that a stainless steel sink made of 304 stainless steel has much higher quality than a stainless steel sink made of 302 stainless steel, not matter resistance to rust or the finish. So when you choose the stainless steel sink and comparing the sink prices, please make sure to ask your stainless steel sink vendor about what type of stainless steel is actually used, that is the major factor impacting the cost of stainless steel sink.

Stainless steel sinks are used mostly as kitchen sink, however, stainless steel sink is used widely as lavatory sink in public projects like hospital, airport, and restaurants.

There are several types of stainless steel sink including Undermount Kitchen Sink, Top Mount Kitchen Sink, Zero-Radius Kitchen Sink.

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Kitchen cabinets hardware includes aluminum kitchen cabinets hinges, stainless steel kitchen cabinets hinges, and copper kitchen cabinets hinges; vanity cabinets hardware includes aluminum kitchen cabinets handles, stainless steel kitchen cabinets handles, and copper kitchen cabinets handles.

Countertop is also available at to match the kitchen cabinets as kitchen countertop and vanity cabinets as vanity top. Countertop can be made of granite or marble to be Granite and Marble Countertop, or can be made of quartz surface to be Quartz Countertop.

How to choose the matching kitchen countertop or vanity top for your kitchen or bath project?

Granite and marble countertops are recommended to match solid kitchen cabinets, while quartz countertops using quartz surfaces materials are recommended to match contemporary kitchen cabinets. Likewise, for vanity top for vanity cabinets, granite and marble are often used for solid wood vanity cabinets for the traditional vanity style, matching the elegance style with more natural and antique effects; for contemporary vanity cabinets, quartz surfaces countertops are preferred to be used as vanity top. The quartz vanity top can provide the modern look to match the modern vanity cabinets. Glass is a great material is also used for modern vanity cabinets as glass vanity top.

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